a government of optimismClearing the 'recovering tax' and diagnosing 'slow employment'

We've blocked it, but it's still a job slump.a million unemployed for nine months
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The government, which has maintained optimism over the continued job slump, has also changed its economic diagnosis in 11 months. Next week, the government will come up with a job package centered on short-term job creation at public institutions. Let's talk more about this with Song Ji-hye, an economist at the Ministry of Economy and Industry.토토놀이터

First of all, Song said the government turned around after having the theory of optimism. What is the specific position?

From December last year until just last month, the government continuously diagnosed our economy as positive for 10 months.

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance releases its weekly evaluation of the economy in a green booklet called Green Book.

Last month's diagnosis also said, 'Our economy has been on a recovery track centered on export consumption.'

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